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Thank goodness I don't have to add curlers to my day's routine too.

Well, the progress part has yet to be determined. Hmmm, ok, that’s not exactly true. My kids are saying please and thank you (almost) automatically now. That part only took 6-8 years. That’s progress right? And it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t relentless, right? You get the idea.

The correlation between parenting and the staple of  ultra running mantras, “relentless forward progress”, hit me night before last. But the nasty cold hit me first. And, as you know, a stay-at-home-mom can’t really call in sick unless she’s too sick to make a call. The gunkiness hit me quickly…the subtle cough at 4:00pm Monday was a croupy-hack by 8:00. Chills swept in shortly thereafter along with their sidekick body aches. No sleep that night worsened the deal. And the deal was I had to have all the business Quickbooks and taxes paperwork organized and to my CPA by Wednesday at 9:00am. Blurry-eyed and in between shuttling kids, I worked on the pile. By Tuesday after dinner, with about 2 hours to go to finish the accounting, I HAD to crawl into a hot bath.” No worries”, I told myself. I’ll just take a quick one, then finish up the paperwork. I slunked away and closed the bathroom door. Of course, hubby and my awesome biz partner, Michelle, who is here for a few weeks helped when they could, but a mom’s work is never done and no one does things like mom. The love curse.

I slid into the sanctuary of my hot, bubble-filled claw foot and tossed a book by the tub, just in case I got bored. (Nope, I can’t relax. I stash books, phones, magazines and lists everywhere I go, event when I’m sick.) The title of the book made me roll my eyes. “Relentless Forward Progress” It’s actually a guide to running ultramarathons, but at that moment, I just knew that if I opened it and started reading, it would be a detailed account of my day. About 37 seconds into my “break”, my 5 year old daughter came in and plopped herself down on the bathroom rug and proceeded to talk to me about I can’t remember what when suddenly she screamed, “I have a bloody nose!” I opened one eye to see big red drops hitting the rug and her eyes as big as saucers. Bracing myself for chills on top of chills, I jumped out, wrapped a towel around myself and took her out to the dining room. Hoping hubby could take care of her was a silly thought. Not because he’s not capable, but because I thought she would just hop on his lap, gushing nose and all. After a half hour of nose-pinching with head down and a cold compress, having exhausted almost all of my kid-song repetoire, it finally sort of stopped. Kinda. At least enough to put her to bed and get back to the taxes.

Or so I thought.

With wet hair and just my robe, I talked and laid with her until she finally fell asleep at 10:30. At one point, about 9:30, I had thought I could sneak out and jump-start my tub with a little hot water and sneak back in. This was met with screams from her bedroom. So, I slept with her until 11:00.

Gripping a mug of hot throat coat tea, I padded back into the dining room where sat my pile of regurgitated receipts and statements for hubby and I’s businesses. It was his poker night (he left after putting my son down and after May and I were asleepish). He came home at midnight, refreshed my tea, brought me Ricola and gave me a shoulder rub. I shivered and sweated at my computer until 1:30am while he read me statement transactions.

At 2:00am I finally got my hot bath. I can’t say it was worth the wait, but it was worth something.

I’m not very far along in the ultrarunning guide book. I just read a chapter about “Bonk Runs” where you get your body used to running long distances, repeatedly with limited fuel. And B-2-B runs where you go long back-to-back, two days in a row so you can feel what it’s like to push through with tired legs and mental stress. Yep, I was right. It’s a book about motherhood.


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Runner's high can take you a long way!

Yeah it’s cold, yeah the holiday calories are coming your way, but…

…don’t ditch the hard work you’ve done. We’re all about CELEBRATING here at RMR and at this seasonal time of celebration, I’m not going to challenge you to eat less, run more, cut corners or deprive yourself. But I AM going to tell you how to celebrate YOU this season so you can stay focused on your running and fitness. Here’s my lucky number 7 tips:

1. Celebrate YOU. First of all, take a minute to give yourself a big pat on the back for all the workouts you’ve done this year, all the schedule juggling to fit in your long runs, all the times you pulled yourself out of bed in the wee hours to get it done! When you hear the word “celebrate” this season, use that as a reminder to celebrate yourself.

2. Use momentum. Use the energy you’ve built with your running and fitness this year to run through the egg nog, swim through the gravy, bike through the sugar cookies, bundle up and get your butt out there. This is NO easy task, especially with little ones. It’s even more challenging during the holiday school break, but look how brilliant you’ve been for figuring out how to do it. Stay with it. Grab your hubby, your partner, your support crew and be creative about your running schedule. In a recent Runner’s World poll, 42% said they run early in the morning. There’s a reason for this – it’s called get it done!  Use that momentum you’ve made to keep things going.

One of my favorite treats!

3. Redefine “treats”. This is a big one and it deserves more of a discussion than this blog post (it will be part of our retreat program!) The word “treat” is often associated with sugary or fattening foods, inactivity, grand expenditures, time away or just plain skipping things that are healthy. The media doesn’t help. Ads and commercials are constantly telling us (and our kids!) what you should have “when you’re good” and what you “deserve.” Don’t get me wrong. I love a good pile of onion rings, micro-beer, stinky cheese and a couch nap as much as the next gal, but I’m working on redefining “treat” into something healthy. If I have a great run, I’ll treat myself to a super healthy smoothie (here’s some of your ideas for yummy ingredients), to a 1/2 hour earlier bedtime, to a massage, to a quick yoga session in my bedroom to 15 minutes with my Runner’s World magazine. This month, take a look at how you “treat” yourself and chose a few healthier ones that celebrates your runner’s body.

4. Set a running goal. We already talked about being creative with the winter break schedule. Setting a goal will help you stick with that plan. “Treat” yourself to a 2012 race registration, a mileage bench-mark, trying 3 new routes, or something that will keep your eye on the overall goal of staying fit this holiday.

My crazy birthday run made my day!

5. Make it fun! Consider a holiday party on the run! My running partner treated me to the BEST birthday gift ever by throwing me a running girlfriend surprise party. They jumped out from behind trees along my birthday trail run a few weeks ago. Why not connect with friends one day during the holidays and do a group run with jingle bells on or Santa hats. Keep it simple, sweet and fun!

6. Remember, everything is connected. When I workout, I eat better. My mind is clearer to make better choices about food and my health in general. I actually floss more when I’m on a strong running streak. I know, crazy, but true.

I took time to smell the roses event though my nose hair was frozen.

7. Warm up slowly, finish on top. On a recent, icy morning, I took photos on my run to help me remember how lucky I am to be able to run and appreciate nature along the way. It also helped me take my warm up slower which can be helpful in colder weather. My tight muscles and chilly lungs thanked me by giving me a strong and warm finish. One good thing leads to another. If you finish feeling great, your body remembers that and gets excited about your next workout. We chatted on Facebook about ways to get out there when it’s cold. What’s your strategy?

With kids out of school, the days getting shorter, the mornings getting colder, and the food getting sweeter, take some time to celebrate the fitness you’ve accomplished. Use that momentum to keep that ball rolling and  “treat” yourself to continued fitness. Whether you’re a beginning runner or a long-time pavement pounder, head into 2012 happy and healthy.

Do you have more ideas about celebrating you, your fitness or running through the holiday season? We’d love to hear them. 

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Procrastination.  I’ve been putting off blogging, fixing my dishwasher and attending to my sore achilles heel. I have no excuse for putting off the blogging, but not dealing with my aching achilles heel and pumpless dishwasher have actually worked in my favor.

“Mom, can you get me some juice?”

“No, sorry, I’m icing my heel.”

“Mom, can you make me a sidewalk chalk race track for my bike?”

“No, sorry, I have my hands in soapy water.”

“Mom, can I have another underdog?”

“No, sorry, that bothers my heel.”

“Mom, can you get me a clean fork?”

“No, sorry, I haven’t washed the dishes yet today.”

Last week I called the dishwasher repair dude.  He came and waved his magic pliers and I paid him his $223.  Now I have no excuse for getting some ‘me’ time in the kitchen with the dishes. (Gee, that sounds pathetic when I type it out.)

Last week, I read SBS’s post on Run Like A Mother about how she’s finally dealing with her problematic achilles and I figured I’d better wake up and smell the injury. Now I will have no excuse for not playing jump rope. (Help me think of a new one, will ya, I hate jump rope.)

There’s more to it than this, however. Not taking care of these things is typical of how we moms/women put ourselves last. In my case, it’s right up there with getting the kids to the dentist, but not getting myself there. With organizing my kid’s clothes so they can easily reach everything, but keeping all my running stuff in a box. With using all the hot water for laundry and the kids’ baths and not having any for my own shower. I tend to go so long without scheduling, doing or fixing something that I forget it needs scheduling, doing or fixing.

So, three points for me for taking care of these things. Right now, I’m sitting on my bed NOT putting off blogging while my daughter builds a ‘castle’ out of  pillows and tries to get my attention by talking in a slightly English “queen” accent. The dishwasher is ever-so-quietly cleansing and rinsing as I type. And, I figure with the time I’m saving not doing dishes, I can schedule a massage for my heel. (This is something my mother would say. She’s great at making connections that seem silly, but make perfect sense.)

I will call him tomorrow for an appointment. No really. I swear.  I will.

Is there something you’ve been putting off? Don’t cha just wanna jump up and do it now?!

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Ridgeline Trail at Fox Hollow. Always beautiful, no matter the weather.

Today I ran 1.67 miles and did 20 minutes of Pilates. And I’m totally good with that. (Notice I didn’t round up mileage to 2. That’s how serious I am about my run meaning as much as it did in so little time.)

It was a hard run. I have a nasty head cold and probably a bit of a sinus infection. My head has been woozy for the last 3 days and I’ve felt like I just want to be lying down. Today I felt a tad better and thought I’d head out to Ridgeline and run the Lazy Lady Loop, as it’s been dubbed by a friend of a friend. It’s an easy, fun and muddy 1.5 mile loop.  I didn’t get to join the gals on the trail run I organized yesterday, so I thought I’d treat myself to at least a taste.

I don’t think I got under an 11:00 minute mile pace and was huffing from the beginning.  I felt like I had never run before. Ever. 10 days ago I ran a euphoric 11 miles starting at 5:15 am. I felt unstoppable, strong and hated to quit.

Now, there was a time when one of these short, chest-heaving runs would completely freak me out. I would get so down on myself. Panic would set in. I have lost all fitness in the last three slacker days. I will have to come back from zero. I won’t be able to run long next week. I will feel like crap tomorrow. I feel like crap right now. I’m glad no one saw me quit at 1.67 miles. It’s sort of sad that it’s taken me a few years to realize that’s not the case and not to beat myself up for not going longer, getting sick or both.

But I’ve grown up a bit.

And some people have inspired me.

Heck, I’VE inspired me. I’ve ran thousands of miles and I love it and I will keep going if physically able. Others who have come back from sickness or injury have inspired me too. But they don’t inspire me to run longer or faster or sign up for steeper runs (that’s my own foolishness!) They inspire me to be patient with myself when I have to chill out, even if it’s because of a head cold. Some are elite athletes, but mostly the inspiration comes from regular ol’ folks.

Like Janet Oberholtzer.

Janet and I have connected on Twitter, Facebok and our blogs. Last fall I happened upon her blog and read the entire thing. Recently she commented on my running year in review post and said it inspired her to think about her 2011 running goals. I INSPIRED HER? She’s the one that survived with barely her life and leg (among many injuries) after a vehicle accident and made a miraculous comeback to running. This entrepreneurial mom of three, runner and racer survived, defied the odds, worked her way back to running and now posts every week about what she is thankful for. Small things, big things. Things immediate.

So, I’m thankful for Janet. And my 1.67 miles today.

Who inspires you?

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