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Wild Oregon Spool Goat (Awesome)

I’ve come to realize that I say “awesome” too much. After watching myself on video, I noticed  I also say “fantastic” and “gorgeous” too much. I guess it could be worse. I could be saying, uh, well, I say those words too, just not on this video (well, there is one). Anyway, here is the 4th installment on my way to the Siskiyou Outback 50K. This one takes you to Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon for a 26 mile trail run full of hills, flowers, mud and the words fantastic and gorgeous oh so many times. Sorry for the lame quality. I used my iPhone’s video app. (Honey, I want a 4G for my birthday, k?)

Things I learned about myself from this run:

  • You CAN do it, no matter what it is.
  • The Nathan Hydration Vest for women ROCKS!
  • Chips are still my favorite source of salt
  • Sipping water and grabbing a little bite at each mile keeps me hydrated and fed (gummy bear, gu, pbj, water)
  • Chi running is great to practice on trails
  • I’m good at jumping over snakes
  • My mantras are going from hard core stuff like “Suck it up woman” to things like, “Relax, enjoy it, do it”

Question for you…What have you learned about yourself lately on a run that pushed you?


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