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LOVE my Go Headband from Kat at http://www.goheadband.com !!

Dear Sweat,

I know you serve a purpose and I am glad you are there to cool me off when I need it. How did you know that I’m really a foul-weather runner and the heat freaks me out? You really know how to pour it on when things heat up. You’re so intuitive and amazing. So that’s why I’m so surprised that you haven’t figured it out yet that I don’t like sweat dripping into my eyes! Hello! I can’t frickin see! Plus it hurts. Salt! Duh! C’mon, how long have I been sweating? Like 35 plus years. (Ok, ok, more like 40 plus years. How do you know my age, but can’t figure out I hate you dripping into my eyes?)

Since you aren’t going to work past this issue, I’ve taken it upon myself to solve the problem. Sweat, meet Go Headband. Go Headband, meet sweat. You two will get along great, I just know it. Headband can handle loads of sweat and sweat can be as sweaty as you want without dripping in my eyes.



P.S. In case you’re wondering, ears… you will also benefit from staying cozy with Go Headband in the winter. Oh, Ms. Forehead, are you feeling left out? Something here for you too… you’ll be much more comfy when I wear my headlamp! No more freakish red mark that makes you look like a cyclops till 10:00am after a run in the dark.

P.S.S. Seriously, I love my Go Headband. I have tried others and this one doesn’t slip because Kat has sewn this little magical, almost invisible, strip into it that keeps it in place. It’s also a bit snugger and fits better. Plus, it’s so darned cute – it’s says Runner Mom! (And there’s many styles to pick from!)

P.S.S.S. This review is honest and true and no one paid me or even nudged me into saying these things. Here is the contact info if you want to buy some and I suggest you do!


http://twitter.com/goheadband (and follow Kat on Twitter. She’s a runner momma with inspiring tweets)


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