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This is the first Read Momma Read online book club selection. You can get it here on Amazon. If you’re just joining us, you might want to read the intro page to our club. We’d love for you to join us anytime. If you’re local to Eugene/Springfield area, we’ll meet up and chat about the book. Stay tuned on FB for that info.


If I could bottle Kristin’s zest for life, sense of adventure and seemingly endless positive energy I would. What an amazing book so far.  I’m well over half way through with it cuz I can’t put it down. Just one more chapter…just one more…

So, I was hoping we could chat a bit about chapters 1-3, but let’s check in. Who has the book? Who’s caught up? If you need a bit longer, lemme know.

If you’ve read through chapter 3,  I would love to hear what you think about the book in general so far. I’ve made a little list of questions–below– that popped into my head to get the juices flowing. Feel free to answer any or all of them and/or reply to others in the feed. Be sure to check “receive future emails about the post” so you can keep up with others’ comments if you’d like. I’ll check back in next week with thoughts through chapter 9 (unless y’all need more time).

Before the questions,  I just have to say, I love her style of writing. One thing that hit me is how she addresses us, the readers, occasionally and it catches me by surprise. I have almost answered out loud, that’s how personal and intimate she makes me feel about being connected to her stories. Inviting us into the book in the ‘warmup’ chapter makes me feel that way too. It could be that it’s a collection of her blog posts, but it’s refreshing all the same.

Ok, some thoughts and questions to ponder…

1. Kristin talks a lot about using running to do many things for her…clear her head, answer questions, think, etc. I really loved her piece called Reset Button on pg 9-10. She says her reset run helps her move on through transition between “mom time and me time” when she drops her kids off at her “wasband’s” (Lance Armstrong in case you missed that). I never thought of using a run as a transition time, in daily life or between major events. Have you used a run for that specifically? How does a run help you move through changes, moods, etc?

2. Talking with women on runs is like a cool drink of water after 20 miles in the summer. It’s pure, wonderful, soooo needed for the soul and body. I agree with her thoughts on us being open, less judgmental and accepting of each other on run-chats. She says, “I wish we could always allow others to be sad without trying to fix it. I wish we could always be happy for someone else without seeing the holes in our own lives. I wish we could always share in another’s gratitude for good fortune instead of poisoning it with our own regret….”   pg 25. How does talking and sharing on a run differ than other times you get together? Do you run with relatives? I don’t, but wonder if my relationship with a relative would be different if we talked on a run.

I’ll keep it short, but would love to hear your thoughts as we launch into the book.


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If you’re an info-hoard like me, you love to read about your favorite sport, right? Right! So let’s read together. We’ll start with Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run” by Kristin Armstrong, then we’ll chat about it here – on the blog. It’s  in stock at Amazon for $9.59 if you want to join us. Since it’s not a novel, you can jump in anytime. I ordered 3 for friends and I and didn’t have to pay shipping. And here’s some info about the book from some other famous runner mothers over at Run Like a Mother blog.Those of us who live here in the Eugene area can get together in person. Email me if you’re one of those at laura@runmommarun dot com and I’ll send a couple date options for us.

Let’s start reading and I’ll put up a “my two cents”  post with some discussion questions on Monday, March 21st about the first 3 chapters. You can join in the conversation then or anytime. We’ll do a couple chapters every two weeks.

I can’t wait to dive into this one and chat about it with ya!

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