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“Captain, I’m givin’ her all she’s got! I don’t think she can take much more!”

This is how the end of my running year felt. I’m a bit tired. A bit spent. A bit done. 7 races in 12 months including a trail marathon and my first ultra all while preparing for and selling my web development business, volunteering at the kids’ school and the 1.2 million other mommy-related tasks. All that said, I wouldn’t have traded any of those runs or races for anything. They are fuel for my spirit and sanity. Here are the highlights of the year:

Ok, maybe I don’t really feel “a bit done”. It’s a new year, right? Time to make those running goals, start the new log, pick the races, get excited. If nothing else, it’s definitely time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Congrats on where ever you are in your running. You rock, ladies!

What are you celebrating or looking forward to?


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