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Deb & I warming up after 6 sweet miles

8 women, 2 dogs, 6 miles, 1 gallon coffee. That’s a recipe for a great morning…and it was! Run Momma Run’s first trail run gathering was, well, dark at first. For some reason I thought sunrise was around 6:45am, so I planned the run for 7:00. Fortunately, the first mile or so of trail 5 on Mt. Pisgah is dirt and gravel, so the one head lamp we had sufficed to get us through to sunlight. While we waited on the sun, we were treated to a hooting owl that seemed to get closer and closer as we hopped rocks and splashed through a few muddy puddles – perfect for an almost Halloween morning. Once we made it out into the grassy fields on the edge of the arboretum, the sun lit up the foggy clouds and we could see our way to the east gate. We stopped to take a picture mid-way and re-introduce ourselves since we could scarcely tell who was who when we started out. 6 miles later, we were warmed up, sipping coffee and swapping plans for runs and races. Thanks for a fantastic morning, ladies. You rock!


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For all the running I do with friends, I love my solo days. For me, they come in two varieties:

1. The days I plan to run myself: These are mid-week runs in which I plan to hit the road or trails alone. I mostly look forward to these, but sometimes they are about getting mileage in and feel a bit rote.

2. The days I plan to run with others, but no one can come: These usually turn out to be really sweet, after my attitude adjustment. Here’s how it goes… I email several people to go for a run. Lots of email chatter ensues. Nobody can come. Dialogue to self turns 8 years old, “Fine! I didn’t want to run with anybody anyway. I’ll go by myself. I don’t need you guys.” Then I get it in gear and slide into acceptance. Acceptance leads to giddy excitement when I realize I can do any route, any speed, any distance and look forward to being alone with just my breath and the trail.

Here’s a quick video slideshow of a run of the number #2 variety, at my favorite place, Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon Oh, and I met some very cool people at about mile 7 of 10. Dustin, Lisa and their little buddy, Pepsi. They are ultra runners who moved here from Montana. Lisa was excited about running the SOB next year. Coming from Montana, she said, she loves hills. Wow.

Do you look forward to solo runs?

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