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Super Moms Sara, Jessicca and Heather

  • Perfect temp of 62 degrees, cool breeze
  • Empty (runnable) streets of downtown Eugene
  • Chatty group of running women
  • Lots of friends and people I’ve been wanting to run with
  • Super friendly directors
  • Big o’ batch of mimosas waiting for us at the finish

Now that’s the way to start a morning!  The Eugene Women’s Half Preview Run was super fun for all the reasons above…and more. I’m not sure what I’m addicted to; the running itself or the energy of getting out there with a group of dedicated running women (oh, and that one guy I saw). It’s a club, a gang, and a secret society all rolled into one. I was never in a club, a gang or a secret anything (well, except when I was in the Air Force and we can’t talk about that or, you know, the whole I’d have to kill you thing.) Anyway, I love that ‘group’ feeling. That energy that starts you off and keeps you going to the finish. I love it that we’re all a mess at the end – crazy hair, red-salty-faced and stinky. I love it that we all push ourselves and push each other to get better, dammit.

I especially love talking to runner mommas. We do the quick check-in about how many kids we have and their ages.  Moms with the youngest kids get a reverent head-nod and an”oooh, wow”. We know how much tougher it is for them to get out the door to run it out. Met one with a 3 and 18 month old today. You’re the winner of the day, Andrea!

The Eugene Women's Half Race Directors (and little Charlie)

I was aiming for a slowish run  as I had already done a 6 mile tempo on Thursday. But how can you not speed up with so much  estrogen in the air? Ended up doing just over my 1/2 marathon pace goal. Sweet! It wasn’t timed and there were no awards, just fun.

Race day looks like it’s going to be a great course with a mix of downtown Eugene and  river path, starting and finishing at the 5th Street Public Market. Nicole Teter and Andy Downin, the race directors, must be doing a great job getting the news out for the September 5th race cuz it’s 70% full. (Max is 2,500 runners). Hey, there is still time to register, so why not? We’ll teach you the secret society handshake.

Oh, and the mimosas? Taaaasty!


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