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You don't really need matching shirts to run in the rain at 6:00am, but it helps.

Red and I don’t really need matching shirts to run in the rain at 6:00am, but it helps.

Or is it all you need is what you got? Either way. I got it!

Training for a half marathon or any race or even pulling yourself out of bed for a run comes from something deep inside of you. That’s what I love about running. “It gives you exactly what you put into it”, Red said to me yesterday. The best thing about it is that YOU get to take credit for it.  YOU got out of bed. YOU laced up. YOU put one foot in front of the other. YOU did it.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t work hard at having optimal conditions for training and running. (Well, as optimal as a full-time-working-mother-of-two-momma is gonna get) As you know, Red and I are training for the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon which is pretty darn optimal as far as races go. Hundreds of women runners, cool swag and goodies at the end. Uh, yeah, that’s part of the optimal plan for sure!

Here’s some other things you might need…

Who doesn't LOVE a beautiful place to run. I'm lucky to be in Eugene and enjoy Pre's trail.

A beautiful place to run! I’m lucky to be in Eugene and enjoy Pre’s trail.



Shoes! Uh, and some other stuff. Retain therapy goes along with the uplifting mental effects of running.


This is a little known fact about taking up running. You’re gonna need cheese. And lots of it. The good stuff.


And peanut butter, of course. This one is not a secret.


You also have to rest when your body says rest. Training is hard work. Resting is part of training. (And I’m not just saying that because I think this picture of a cat is hysterical)


You will also need the support of good friends. Like those who will sing operettas at the top of mountains you’ve just ran up.


And those who will take a picture of you taking a picture of them as you get ready for a race because we all know the real reason we run is for killer status updates on Facebook.


And, if  those friends aren’t enough, you might have to start your own running group full of friends who will lure you out of bed so you can pretend to surf in front of them at 6:00am. It was 6:00am. Who knows why I was doing that.


Ok, pause the silliness for a REAL training tip. You might need a good tennis ball to sit on when the speedwork gets the best of your bum. Ahhh, hurts so good.


Or, a nice col bag of frozen corn for your tootsies when you’re at work. (Yes, your boss will look at you strangely. Just go with it. You’re an athlete.)


Most of all, it’s great to have the support of people who love you.

I’m sure Red and I will be calling on all of these pieces of our training plan as we get closer to the Eugene Women’s Half. Like today might be peanut butter day! Tell us, what keeps you moving?


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Nope, didn’t run that beautiful 50K through the Wildwood trail in Portland last Sunday, but I had a fantastic weekend with family and friends. Bad calf, bad foot, bad hammy has kept my weekly mileage low and kept me from my race, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying the other loves of my life. Driving up to Portland on Friday morning, it felt weird not stressing out about race details…did I bring enough Gu? when was packet pick up? did I pack the race map to go over for the 100th time, should I have a glass of wine with dinner or skip it? Nope, didn’t have to worry about all that. I was sad not to be, but also oddly relieved. Hey, no stress. “Ok, go with it” I told myself. And steer clear of the suffering-funk I can get myself into. Here’s the weekend highlights….

I LOVE how running buddies anywhere will meet you at 6:00am for a run in the rain. It was short, but so sweet! Plus we had the Embassy Suites hotel lobby to ourselves for coffee. Thanks, Deb!

Kids plus OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) equals a fun-packed day. Even the sign was entertaining.

A looong day of walking Portland deserves a cold pint. Good thing we live in the land of McMenamins. Here's my awesome hubby at Ringlers (Careful babe, there's a mean dog statue behind you)

More runner momma buddies & their babies to play with on Sunday. Loved catching up, Katie!

My May holding above mentioned cute baby, Chloe.

The daddies help my Jackie Woo with his jump rope skeeels.

I miss my kitchen when I'm gone for any length of time, so I had a romantic date with my stove on Sunday night. White wine & rosemary-crusted salmon risotto. Damn, I'm good.

I'm an Air Force veteran and it was Memorial Day after all, so I helped out by being a course marshal at the Run for the Memorial on Monday. Go runners!

Where there are runners and racing, there are antics. Here's my friends Danuta and Kristi demonstrating course marshal dedication. Notice Kristi's full-body back-up stance. Nice.

The weekend ended with a BBQ (complete with Eugene-style thunder showers) and my friend Tasha's "creamy" margaritas. Over-the-top chilly goodness.

Thank you friends and family for a sweet and love-filled weekend.

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