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I’m feeling the need to play bloggy catch up. No big paragraphs for you to read, so throw down a cup a joe and let’s do a “wordless Wednesday” with a couple words thrown in.

My new favorite breakfast or snack: nonfat yogurt with soy nut mix from Costco (soy nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries) I threw in some sunflower seeds and a tsp of peanut butter because breakfast isn't finished without peanut butter.


Just in case you were wondering, my kids are still EXTREMELY cute, especially when they are in "best friends" mode. They love each other so much and I'm so lucky to be a play at home mom!


I'm a proud business member of the Oregon Track Club and enjoyed their annual meeting last night. To be in a room with coaches, leaders, elite athletes, volunteers, friends and the most passionate of Tracktown fans is humbling. Learning more about the 2012 Trials really got me excited to have our RMR booth there - wahooo!

(Photo from 2011 Eugene Marathon Expo) Lauren Fleshman was the speaker last night at the OTC meeting. She talked about following dreams...like when you were a kid and thought everything was possible. What a dreamer and inspiration she is.

My new swim paddles! My leg workouts are taken care of with running and biking, now it's time to beef up the arms a bit more with this addition to my swimming routine.


When we're not running, we're playing cards! Tanya hosted an impromptu poker party. Did you know you can play poker in a Run Momma Run shirt? Of course you can!

The peanut butter Gu experiment went well. I'm a plain-only gal and it wasn't too sweet. I wouldn't make a sandwich with it, but I'll run with it. Oh, and the new headlamp is doing what it's supposed to; keeping me out of the potholes, dog poop and major puddles in the wee hours.

Kale Chips! Chop, shoot with organic cooking spray or drizzle with Tbsp of oil, lightly salt & seed & bake at 200 for 1 hour or till crispy. Guilt-free heaven.

I love Andrea - an amazing woman I am having a blast getting to know. We look like we just woke up, cuz we did...and about to jump in a lake for my 1st open water swim this summer. And now she is my swimming mentor! (See paddle photo above) Oh look, you can wear your Run Momma Run shirt to a lake too

Sarah Bowen Shea, another inspiring woman - in running and in business. She has taught me so much and is so generous with her knowledge. I can't wait for you to enjoy her reading and chat at our Winery Run & Brunch coming up!

What’s up with you all? Running, gadgets, inspiring faces, places or races?


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