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Cozy and oh so fashionable

Remember those rainbow socks we all LOVED. Oh, c’mon, you loved them and you know it. Show of hands. Well, since I can’t seem to find mine and everyone is talking up compression socks, I just decided to grab a pair and try them out. I know, they’ve been around a while, but I’m slow on the uptake sometimes. I love gear and accessories, but am not one to run out and grab the latest thing. However, I have to say that I regret not getting compression socks earlier. Love them! And not just  because they are cozy and oh so fashionable.

But let’s back up. What are compression socks?

They’re not really new. They’ve been around, as you probably know, for a long time in the medical world for use on folks who were bed ridden or had low activity and then prescribed to people who sat for long periods. The idea is that pressure on the leg increases blood flow and inhibits the pooling of blood in one area. This, in turn, is supposed to help speed recovery of muscle soreness and inflammation among other things. Not only are they supposed to be great after a workout, but during. Because I’m still getting back in the saddle with injured time off over the summer, I haven’t worn them in a workout yet, but love the after effects. I can’t wait to try them after a really long run and see how they make my legs feel.

The "left" and "right" tabs make me feel like I'm puttin on something extra scientifically special.

I bought the Nike Cush Compression Knee Highs at The Eugene Running Company. Here’s the technical details from the Nike website:

Designed with high-density padding for the best impact protection, the Nike Cush Compression Knee-High Running Socks are up to the endurance test for comfort and performance.

  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry and comfortable
  • FootStrike cushioning in ball of foot and heel
  • High-density padding for impact protection
  • Anatomical left and right fit for superior comfort
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 92% nylon/ 8% elastane
  • Machine wash

I first tried them about a month ago after my short and easy runs and they felt so good on my injured footsie. It was supported, which felt great in and of itself, but it also felt tingly and warm and I could tell that the blood was doing it’s thing and my foot was less sore when I got up after resting. They also feel great after a long day on my feet and after I use the foam roller or tennis ball under my foot. Heck, I have put them on after a run and accidentally forgot to take them off. (Geesh, I sound like an old panty-hose commercial.) After a few hours, however, my feet and legs start to feel a bit squished and I have to move on to regular socks or flip flops to let my feet relax.

I’ll keep you posted on how they feel after or during long runs. Until then, here’s some great reading on the subject of compression socks:

Have you tried compression socks? What’s your review?


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