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My post-40-miler tailgater last weekend. Putting my feet up with those tacos was worth all the taper-crazy-hard-race-work!

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This post is dedicated to all my buddies running the Eugene Marathon races this weekend. I hold you in my hearts as I do those involved in the horrific events at Boston this week. Love. Peace. Run.


What does taper mean? Supposedly, the taper is a period of decreased mileage before race day that’s accompanied by more rest, healthy food, time off your feet and race prep. And, no matter how zen you think you are, it’s also a time of insanity as any racer will tell you. Whether you’re running your first race or your 50th, the taper is a multi-stage period of time in which emotions tend to run wild and pieces of your personality that you may not want exposed, get exposed. Your friends and family might see sides to you that you’d rather not have them see.

Runners, however, are the most forgiving during this period of time. Like, you’re running buddy might say…

“Hey, that new running skirt looks great on you!”


“Are you tapering?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“I love you. Wanna grab a beer?”


In an effort to help you feel normal. And, to give you something to do for 3 minutes other than FREAK OUT about your upcoming race, I’ve outlined some of the stages of the dreaded taper. These can happen in any order and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Feel free to comment below and tell us your experience!

1. Confusion: When does taper start? I just finished my longest run. Is it NOW? Is it now?  Is it next week? When can I eat more? Is it now? I’m so hungry.

2. Denial: I’m not tapering, I just have like 18 days until my race. That’s all. No biggy. I’m cool. It’s not time to freak out or anything. Why is my voice so high?

3. Over-Eater: Good thing I’ll be burning like 26.2 million calories on race day. I’m just gonna eat this entire cake and not worry about it. Maybe I should wait till after breakfast.

4. Under-Eater: I’m going to run this race light as a feather. It’s humus and rice crackers for me today, thanks.

5. Hypochondriac: I have a sore throat. I bumped my toe. My toe is broken. I have pneumonia and a broken leg now. Did you sneeze? Get away from me! Don’t you know I have a race in 2 weeks!

6. Cry Baby: Dang! I used my free coffee punch card LAST week. Cry.  I should feel fortunate to be able to buy good coffee in the first place. Cry. Feel guilty. Cry.

7. Wonder Woman: Run at a crack of dawn in the dark, make breakfast, pack school lunches, work all day, whip up dinner, clean the kitchen, fold laundry, read to kids, handle kid meltdown, put kids to bed, fold more laundry, pay bills, set out running clothes for the morning, answer emails, finally remember to feed pets, find spelling homework crumpled in bottom of kid’s backpack, throw chicken and potatoes in the crockpot, panic that you were going to try and get to bed by 10:00pm, but it’s now 11:00pm. Oh, wait, this isn’t wonder woman taper stage, this is just what I do EVERY. DAM. DAY.

8. Dummy: “Mommy, where is Nebraska?” “Um, I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW! Oh, god, where is Nebraska?” What is wrong with me? “Go get the globe and we’ll look for it together, Jo–Ja–Ji—, whatever your name is.”

9. Faux Fantastic: Pulling off the faux-fantastic is  hard. It’s that big, hands-on-hips-confident-smile, ya-sure-you-betcha-wink-thing you throw at non-runners who ask you the dumbest question ever, “Are you excited about your race coming up?”

10. Bitch: Get away from me.

11. Uber-Bitch: Get the fuck away from me.

12. Newbie Runner: AHHHH, I just did my last short run and I feel like I’ve never run before! The clock has turned back. I feel like a newbie runner. Help! I can’t even run 3 miles!

13. Queen Bee: “I don’t care if you need another snack. I’m going to sit here in this Lazy-Boy for 5 minutes, that’s all I ask, 5 MINUTES and watch this cooking show! (This stage is usually followed by some version of “Guilt-Fest” stage.)

14. Melt Down: I scheduled my meltdown for the Friday before my race at exactly 10:00am. Of course, I was too busy being in “Wonder Woman Stage” to have my meltdown, but the fact I scheduled it in made me feel better.

15. Exercise-Free Exercising:  “Ooops,” I told my coach, a week out from my race. “I did a short run and now I’m biking to work which includes 8-10 miles of riding to a meeting.” “No problem,” she says, “just don’t use your legs.”

16. Guilt-Fest: I’m a horrible mother! I just spent half of every Saturday doing my long runs and I’ve missed out on hours of my kids’ growing up that I will never get back. (This stage is sometimes followed by “Cry Baby” stage or the sharing of cake from “Over-Eater” stage.)

17. Zen: I’m cool. I got this. I’m breathing deeply. I’m listening more. I’m blinking sloooowly. I’m stretching. I’m so tight I can’t touch my toes, but whatever. I got this.

18. Panic: I won’t make it. I’m not ready. I haven’t trained enough. I’ve over trained. I’ll be too slow. I’ll go out too fast. I’ll shit my pants.  I’ll panic.

19. 30-Second-Butterfly-Barf: This is final stage of the taper. You’re standing in the crowd at the starting line on race day. Everyone around you is putting on their best “Faux-Fantastic” smile. You should have peed one more time. The race starts in 30 seconds. The butterflies in your stomach have multiplied 26.2 times and you’re so nervous you want to barf. Then the gun goes off and you start to run. Yay! Taper’s over. Let’s run!

body_glide_herSince runners are such a unique bunch, I’m sure there are more stages of the taper. Comment below with your experience or how you feel before a tough run for a chance to win some sweet goodies from BodyGlide! We’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday, April 24th  from all of our blog and Facebook comments. Oh, and be sure to like BodyGlide on Facebook to keep up with tips and tricks for successful racing!


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Doin' the empty tent dance! Don't ask me how much it cost per square foot.

Mizunos are also good for dancing. Here’s Michelle and I getting ready to rock our tent at the Olympic Trials Track & Field 2012

Michelle, my biz partner here at RMR, and I are blessed in many ways. Not only do we get to be best friends (going on 17 years!) but we get to work and play together. And I want to share something very special about her too. If you didn’t know, she was the financial beginnings to Run Momma Run and, while I did the “running” of the business for the last three years, she’s been backin’ my butt the whole way. She’s also been the quiet, but very savvy voice of many decisions and the amazing woman who swoops in at our events and makes sure I manage to make a few sales in between all my yapping with people about running. I love her. We’re a great team. And, when we put all our eggs in a basket and decided to have a booth at the Olympic Trials Track & Field in 2012, someone else noticed we made a great team – Ron Wayne, Director of Sports Marketing for Mizuno.


Here is Ron on the right with, you guessed it, Pre.


Big name, big heart this Ron guy! If you didn’t catch it, be sure to listen to our Mizuno podcast with him about his amazing running career back in the Pre days as well as some of the incredible Mizuno racing team athletes. Ron introduced us to Mizuno’s Mezamashii Run Project:  an effort to help create a more euphoric running experience — a more “brilliant” run — for more runners everywhere. The word “mezamashii” means “eye-opening” or “brilliant” in Japanese — it’s a word that captures the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run. Check out this great video about the Mezamashii Project! (If you’re on Twitter, check out the #brilliantrun hash search!)

Mizuno is our exclusive footwear partner!

Mizuno is our exclusive footwear partner!

After spending time with Ron we were excited to receive an invitation to be exclusive footwear partners with Mizuno! We had a blast hanging out at Coorperative Performance and Rehabilitation here in Eugene who hosted some Mizuno Mezamashii Runs during the Olympic Trials weeks. We got to demo Mizuno shoes, and I hung out with RMR folks, met local, elite Craig Leon of Mizuno Racing Team and did some of my own brilliant running with my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s! They were euphoric runs for sure. I remember that, in the midst of working 10-15 hour days at the trails, those fun runs were a fantastic escape – pure joy and release! I can’t wait to try the Wave Inspire 9s this year!

Our partnership means that we get to try Mizuno shoes and goodies and share them with you. We’ve had a blast in the last 6 months doing giveaways at our events and on Facebook and through our blog. Our gals our LOVING the goodies and so are we. So, let’s get down to it!



These babies go everywhere. Yep, even on Halloween runs at 5:30am when you’re dressed like a cocktail waitress.

I am embarrassed to post a current photo of my Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s because, truth be told, I’ve been taking them out on the trails and they are FILTHY! In the best way, of course. The ground has been more frozen than wet lately and they handle the dirt, gravel, rocks, logs, twists and turns just fine! I was surprised at how extremely light these shoes felt when I first put them on and, if they weren’t caked with dirt, they would still feel that way! Seriously a light shoe. I’m a long distance runner and this lack of lead on the bottom of my feet really makes a difference after mile 10, 15, 20…. I was also pleasantly surprised at the fit. I’m a AA and it’s very hard to find a shoe that works for my flat, skinny, straight feet. Despite being light, they are very sturdy and, though I’ve been giving them quite a beating on the trail and on the roads training for a 50K last summer and now training with them for a 40 miler in April, they don’t feel like they’ve gone more than 100 miles. I can’t wait to try the 9s this year! This moderate support shoe has gone from an 8.9 oz to 8.3 oz – wow! And, if you’re  a minimalist type, check out Mizuno’s new Evo Running video! Check out all of the Mizuno Running Shoes and stay glued to our Facebook page or sign up for our Winery Run & Brunch Event coming up for a chance to win some.


I LOVE my Mizuno Wildwood tights! They are tightish – which I love. I feel so supported and enveloped in goodness. Sounds silly, but really, they are so comfy. Another big plus, especially for this distance momma – two pockets! Key pocket in front, room for 2-3 Gu in the back. NICE! Oh, and my girlfriends who have won some at our events LOVE them too.

They are perfect for running....and especially good for running in to get coffee after a 10 miler on a cold day!

They are perfect for running….and especially good for running in to get coffee after a 10 miler on a cold day!


After my mega-chaffing experience on my last big training run, I decided to run in a bra and my fantastic Mizuno skirt. Less to wear, less to rub. Worked like a charm.

This is my favorite piece of running gear. NO, not the post-race beer, the skirt! (Ok, it’s a tie)

I am a HUGE skirt fan. A total convert from shorts. (Which is lucky and just in time as my 10 year old pair that I love are just. too. gross.) I ordered this skirt just before I ran the McKenzie River Trail 50K last summer. Then I pulled a classic race day no-no: I wore something NEW on race day. Yep, the queen of chaffing just KNEW that this skirt was going to be perfect for 31 miles and it was. Wide, comfort fit waistband, draw string for perfect adjustment, just the right length, long shorts underneath, slightly extra fabric for that extra girly-feeling-swish (c’mon, you know what I mean). AND, two fabulous pockets. Seriously, I used to rip pockets out of old running pants and shorts and sew them into new ones that didn’t have pockets. I can put my iPhone in the side boy-shorts pocket. How perfecto is that for wild life photo ops on the trail?



And they hold a little ice pack in whatever place you need that extra zing.

I have really sensitive feet. I was injured for a good portion of 2010 and 2011 and when my tootsies start to even think about hurting, I hit them with all I’ve got; ice, vitamin I and my Mizuno Compression Socks. I’ve tried other brands in the past and these are the shiznit! Super snug in all the right places on my feet and nice and tight on my calves, I keep them on for hours. I’ve also started running in them under my tights since it’s dropped below freezing. Soooo warm and snug. Plus, they wear really well with my work boots and skirt. I can hang at the office after an early morning long run and feel the healing power!


blog_jacketsJackets seem almost pointless in Eugene. Either it’s not raining hard enough to wear one or it’s raining so hard and long you’ll be soaked to the core so what’s the point? Somehow, however, this one is perfect  – the Mizuno Cabrakan. It’s super thin and ultra light (80 g!) so I’m not too hot (I’m always boiling), but it really keeps me dry. I took it off the other day after a gusher and I was dry underneath. Whoa, that’s never happened. I took it on a 22 miler yesterday and it rocked through the rain, sun, wind and I never took it off. And, Michelle is lovin’ her Mizuno Elixir Jacket. Here we are with our gear on the rainingest day of the year so far with our inspiring speaker Janet Oberholtzer at Eugene Running Company. She graced us with her comeback-to-running story after a horrendous accident. We gave her some Mizuno shoes to try and she’s loving them!

Mizuno in 2013!

What’s next? Lots…we’ll have some fantastic Mizuno giveaways at our Winery Run & Brunch this year. Seats fill up quickly, so register today! We’ll also continue to have giveaways at our 2nd Thursday of the Month RMR Club Weekly runs now and then and keep up with us on Facebook so you won’t miss the chance to try some Mizuno goodies yourself.

Cheers and here’s to more brilliant runs!


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I’m feeling the need to play bloggy catch up. No big paragraphs for you to read, so throw down a cup a joe and let’s do a “wordless Wednesday” with a couple words thrown in.

My new favorite breakfast or snack: nonfat yogurt with soy nut mix from Costco (soy nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries) I threw in some sunflower seeds and a tsp of peanut butter because breakfast isn't finished without peanut butter.


Just in case you were wondering, my kids are still EXTREMELY cute, especially when they are in "best friends" mode. They love each other so much and I'm so lucky to be a play at home mom!


I'm a proud business member of the Oregon Track Club and enjoyed their annual meeting last night. To be in a room with coaches, leaders, elite athletes, volunteers, friends and the most passionate of Tracktown fans is humbling. Learning more about the 2012 Trials really got me excited to have our RMR booth there - wahooo!

(Photo from 2011 Eugene Marathon Expo) Lauren Fleshman was the speaker last night at the OTC meeting. She talked about following dreams...like when you were a kid and thought everything was possible. What a dreamer and inspiration she is.

My new swim paddles! My leg workouts are taken care of with running and biking, now it's time to beef up the arms a bit more with this addition to my swimming routine.


When we're not running, we're playing cards! Tanya hosted an impromptu poker party. Did you know you can play poker in a Run Momma Run shirt? Of course you can!

The peanut butter Gu experiment went well. I'm a plain-only gal and it wasn't too sweet. I wouldn't make a sandwich with it, but I'll run with it. Oh, and the new headlamp is doing what it's supposed to; keeping me out of the potholes, dog poop and major puddles in the wee hours.

Kale Chips! Chop, shoot with organic cooking spray or drizzle with Tbsp of oil, lightly salt & seed & bake at 200 for 1 hour or till crispy. Guilt-free heaven.

I love Andrea - an amazing woman I am having a blast getting to know. We look like we just woke up, cuz we did...and about to jump in a lake for my 1st open water swim this summer. And now she is my swimming mentor! (See paddle photo above) Oh look, you can wear your Run Momma Run shirt to a lake too

Sarah Bowen Shea, another inspiring woman - in running and in business. She has taught me so much and is so generous with her knowledge. I can't wait for you to enjoy her reading and chat at our Winery Run & Brunch coming up!

What’s up with you all? Running, gadgets, inspiring faces, places or races?

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Cozy and oh so fashionable

Remember those rainbow socks we all LOVED. Oh, c’mon, you loved them and you know it. Show of hands. Well, since I can’t seem to find mine and everyone is talking up compression socks, I just decided to grab a pair and try them out. I know, they’ve been around a while, but I’m slow on the uptake sometimes. I love gear and accessories, but am not one to run out and grab the latest thing. However, I have to say that I regret not getting compression socks earlier. Love them! And not just  because they are cozy and oh so fashionable.

But let’s back up. What are compression socks?

They’re not really new. They’ve been around, as you probably know, for a long time in the medical world for use on folks who were bed ridden or had low activity and then prescribed to people who sat for long periods. The idea is that pressure on the leg increases blood flow and inhibits the pooling of blood in one area. This, in turn, is supposed to help speed recovery of muscle soreness and inflammation among other things. Not only are they supposed to be great after a workout, but during. Because I’m still getting back in the saddle with injured time off over the summer, I haven’t worn them in a workout yet, but love the after effects. I can’t wait to try them after a really long run and see how they make my legs feel.

The "left" and "right" tabs make me feel like I'm puttin on something extra scientifically special.

I bought the Nike Cush Compression Knee Highs at The Eugene Running Company. Here’s the technical details from the Nike website:

Designed with high-density padding for the best impact protection, the Nike Cush Compression Knee-High Running Socks are up to the endurance test for comfort and performance.

  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry and comfortable
  • FootStrike cushioning in ball of foot and heel
  • High-density padding for impact protection
  • Anatomical left and right fit for superior comfort
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 92% nylon/ 8% elastane
  • Machine wash

I first tried them about a month ago after my short and easy runs and they felt so good on my injured footsie. It was supported, which felt great in and of itself, but it also felt tingly and warm and I could tell that the blood was doing it’s thing and my foot was less sore when I got up after resting. They also feel great after a long day on my feet and after I use the foam roller or tennis ball under my foot. Heck, I have put them on after a run and accidentally forgot to take them off. (Geesh, I sound like an old panty-hose commercial.) After a few hours, however, my feet and legs start to feel a bit squished and I have to move on to regular socks or flip flops to let my feet relax.

I’ll keep you posted on how they feel after or during long runs. Until then, here’s some great reading on the subject of compression socks:

Have you tried compression socks? What’s your review?

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LOVE my Go Headband from Kat at http://www.goheadband.com !!

Dear Sweat,

I know you serve a purpose and I am glad you are there to cool me off when I need it. How did you know that I’m really a foul-weather runner and the heat freaks me out? You really know how to pour it on when things heat up. You’re so intuitive and amazing. So that’s why I’m so surprised that you haven’t figured it out yet that I don’t like sweat dripping into my eyes! Hello! I can’t frickin see! Plus it hurts. Salt! Duh! C’mon, how long have I been sweating? Like 35 plus years. (Ok, ok, more like 40 plus years. How do you know my age, but can’t figure out I hate you dripping into my eyes?)

Since you aren’t going to work past this issue, I’ve taken it upon myself to solve the problem. Sweat, meet Go Headband. Go Headband, meet sweat. You two will get along great, I just know it. Headband can handle loads of sweat and sweat can be as sweaty as you want without dripping in my eyes.



P.S. In case you’re wondering, ears… you will also benefit from staying cozy with Go Headband in the winter. Oh, Ms. Forehead, are you feeling left out? Something here for you too… you’ll be much more comfy when I wear my headlamp! No more freakish red mark that makes you look like a cyclops till 10:00am after a run in the dark.

P.S.S. Seriously, I love my Go Headband. I have tried others and this one doesn’t slip because Kat has sewn this little magical, almost invisible, strip into it that keeps it in place. It’s also a bit snugger and fits better. Plus, it’s so darned cute – it’s says Runner Mom! (And there’s many styles to pick from!)

P.S.S.S. This review is honest and true and no one paid me or even nudged me into saying these things. Here is the contact info if you want to buy some and I suggest you do!


http://twitter.com/goheadband (and follow Kat on Twitter. She’s a runner momma with inspiring tweets)

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Skweet Bottle Wash Experiment - oh so cleeeeen

When I got back into trail running a little less than a year ago, I mainly used hand-held water bottles for up to 10 mile runs. But when I planned a longer run one day, I decided to dig out my hubby’s Camelbak to give the hydration system a try. It was nice having my hands free, but the pack had been sitting around a while and no matter how much I cleaned out the bladder, the taste was horrible. Plastic-semi-gunk taste – bluck! I have since bought a Nathan Hydration Vest and so I sort of gave up on the Camel until I planned a long trail run with 3 other gals, 2 of whom hadn’t been on trails before. One of them asked to borrow the Camelbak. I had another hand held I was going to lend out as well, but then remembered a friend let her dog drink out of it the week before on a long run. (Not a huge deal, I’m a dog lover, but boy, I had some cleaning to do if I was going to let these ladies borrow my stuff.)

Enter Skweet sport bottle wash – 100% biodegradeable, non-toxic.  A local super star master’s runner and coach Mike Blackmore who reps the product turned me on to it a few months ago, but I hadn’t tried it yet. What did I have to lose? I lined up all my bottles and the gunky Camelbak and followed the easy instructions to wash it all up:

1 tsp. for each water bottle

1-2 Tbsp. for the bladder

Fill with water, swish-shake-squeeze through drinking spout on the bottles and syphon out through the bladder tube.

Then came the test – refill and taste the Camelbak water…… drumroll please…..delicious! Cool! It tasted super clean and there was no plastic or soapy taste. Love it!

Here are some links to get you going:

Learn more or order online at Skweetclean.com

If you live in Eugene, contact Mike Blackmore of Blackmore Massage to get it locally.

Got a gadget to recommend or trick up your sleeve you want to share?

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